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How to Make a Rainbow Easter Egg Garland


This fun and colorful Easter Egg Garland is a super simple Easter craft project! Its a fun way to use up extra Easter eggs, and can be done in any color scheme to match your decor!

I love super simple and bright holiday decor. You won’t find a bunch of fancy schmancy spring vignettes all over my house. Nope, just fun, colorful, kid-friendly Easter decorations, like this Easter Egg Garland. It is perfect for adding a burst of color to any fireplace mantel, banister, or large mirror.

Easter Egg Garland on Mantel

How cute is that little chick?!? It kills me. I hope Target has more this year so I can buy a flock of them!

I love the bright, rainbow colors, but this garland can be done in any color combo or style you’d like! I’ve seen it done with white eggs and white pom poms, or pastels. You can also use glittery or shimmery plastic eggs for extra sparkle factor. (Its no secret, I love glittery holiday decorations!)

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My favorite plastic eggs are from the Spritz line at Target. The plastic is a bit thicker and prettier than the grocery store ones, and the color palettes are always on trend. I pretty much love everything Target. Oh, you do too? Let’s be friends. 😉

Rainbow Easter Egg Garland

2021 link update! Here are this year’s eggs from Target, order them for drive up! If you want to do the rainbow, you’d need:

Bright and Colorful Easter Egg Garland

Bright and Colorful Plastic Easter Egg Garland

Easily make this bright and colorful Easter garland using leftover plastic Easter eggs! Perfect for stringing across fireplace mantels or draping over a mirror or picture frame.

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Bakers twine
  • Pom pom balls or felt balls


  • Large sewing needle


  1. Cut the bakers twine to desired length. I used about about a yard, but it'll depend on where you want to hang your finished garland..
  2. Thread the needle.
  3. String on a pom pom ball. Slide it to near the end of the string. How to make a easter garland with plastic easter eggs
  4. Open plastic egg and thread string in one hole and out the other. Close the egg and push it along the string to the pom pom.
  5. Continue stringing, alternating pom poms and plastic eggs. End with a pom pom.


You can do whatever pattern you'd like! More pom-poms in between the eggs, or no pom poms at all! The pom poms help to hold the eggs in place, so they don't all slide together.

If your eggs don't have two holes in the top, you can string them on horizontally as well.

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I’d love to see the version you make, so tag me on IG (@thehowtomom) and then I can tell you how amazingly talented you are!

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Colorful Easter Egg Garland DIY

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DIY Easy Easter Egg Garland - great way to use up plastic eggs!

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