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Easter Wreath Ideas – 12 Easy and Adorable DIYs


For festive and cheerful Easter door decor, check out this roundup of 12 easy and adorable Easter Wreath Ideas.

Other holidays may have more presents, but Easter has all the best candy and beautiful pastels! I adore springy Easter colors, and wreaths are my favorite way to get my DIY decor fix!

Easy and Adorable Easter Wreath DIY ideas

My most favorite Easter wreath is my super-popular Easy Tulip Wreath DIY. Tulips are the quintessential spring flower, and with so many beautiful color options, even those who don’t consider themselves “crafty” can’t help but make one!

I’ve also included my newest tutorial for my Simple Easter Wreath, which may be the easiest wreath EVER. Simple boxwood plus a couple of cute accents and its ready to hang on your door.

Here are 12 more Easter Wreath DIY ideas, a dozen seemed like a perfect number for egg-related wreaths! lol

Just click the button to go straight to the tutorial!

12 Easter Wreath Ideas - Easy and Adorable DIYs

Beautiful Easter wreaths with gorgeous pastel spring flowers, brightly colored eggs, and sweet bunnies and chicks.

I love to see the wreaths you’re making, tag me @thehowtomom or #thehowtomomwreaths on IG so I can tell you how great it turned out and how amazing you are! Happy Easter, friends!

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