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Easy Fourth Of July Boxwood Wreath


Make a super easy patriotic Fourth of July wreath from a basic boxwood wreath and some festive embellishments. 

I love the idea of using one wreath for every holiday. Less stuff to store is less stress, right? With a basic boxwood wreath, you can add seasonal embellishments and a bow for every holiday. And when one holiday is over, you can just pull off the old pieces and put on the new ones! 

So this Fourth of July wreath is a continuation on that project, of using one wreath for every holiday. 

This tutorial hardly needs instructions, its mainly just to give you the idea so you can easily re-create it yourself!

All you need is a basic boxwood wreath to start with. You can use my easy faux boxwood wreath tutorial or you can also pick one up already made from Michaels or another craft store (don’t forget to use a coupon!).

Then make a nice bow with my easy bow instructions. I chose a cute navy buffalo check, which felt very “Americana” and looked nice with the small flags. 

And then I just shoved the flags through the greenery and base and wired the bow on (so I can remove it for the next holiday!).

That’s it! A super easy Fourth of July wreath.

Patriotic Fourth of July Wreath

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I love to see the wreaths YOU make! Tag me @thehowtomom on IG or use the hashtag #thehowtomomwreaths so I can see it and tell you how talented you are! 

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