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Easy Valentine’s Day Boxwood Wreath


Turn a basic, green boxwood wreath into a fun and festive Valentine’s Day Wreath with a super easy bow and a few quick embellishments.

valentines day wreath with boxwood and hearts

I love the idea of using one wreath year round, and a classic green boxwood wreath is the perfect base for switching out holiday embellishments. If you don’t already have a green boxwood wreath, I have an easy tutorial for an easy greenery wreath, or you can pick up a basic boxwood wreath from Michaels or most other craft stores (use a coupon!).

To make this easy Valentine’s Day wreath, you need:

Boxwood or other green wreath
Heart/Pink/Red floral picks or stems
Bow (use my super easy bow tutorial!)

supplies needed to make a valentines day boxwood wreath

I bought these glittery styrofoam heart flower thingys from the Dollar Tree. I think any heart shape on a stick or even pink and red flowers would work great to give a Valentines Day vibe.

Originally, I thought I wanted to use a glittery red bow, but I actually really like the black and white stripe of this bow I already had on hand from my original boxwood tutorial. I think it looks nice and modern, and the bits of white around the hearts makes it really sing.


How to make a Valentine’s Day Boxwood Wreath

This is incredibly easy, like you don’t really even neeeeed directions. Its just like “Oh! I can do that!” But here you go:

First thing you do is snip the stems apart so you have individual sticks.

How to make a festive valentines day boxwood wreath

Then just shove the stems into the wreath, re-arranging as you need. The sticks should easily slide through the boxwood and then wedge into the grapevine wreath at the base and stay put. If one seems wiggly, remove it and try in a slightly different position to see if you can make it be more secure.

making a valentines day wreath with boxwood

Add a bow and viola! If you need help with the bow, check out my super easy wreath bow tutorial.

Valentines Boxwood Wreath DIY


For the next holiday boxwood wreath, check out my easy Easter Boxwood Wreath, and also my pretty Butterfly Boxwood wreath. Both are lovely for spring!

I love to see the wreaths YOU make! Tag me @thehowtomom or use the hashtag #thehowtomomwreaths on IG so I can tell you what an amazing wreath maker you are!

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