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Gift Ideas for Tween Girls


Tween girls can be so fun to shop for! And they can be so HARD to shop for! How is that?!? If you’ve got a special not-so-little girl in your life (daughter, niece, granddaughter, etc), hopefully this list of gift ideas for tween girls will get your gifty ideas flowing!

These gift ideas are great for tween girls ages 8-12. My oldest daughter is 9, and these gifts are a few of her favorites!

I love creating lists of gift ideas for kids! You can also check out my Christmas Gift Ideas for Little Girls (ages 3-6) and also Gender Neutral Christmas Gift Ideas. I’d be happy to help you with your holiday shopping, so let me know who you need help shopping for, and I’ll put some gift ideas together for you!

Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

Mermaid sequin pillow are calming and addictive. Pet it one way, and its one color, brush your hand the other way and the sequins flip to another color. Draw designs or words. Or just sit and pet it.

Klutz Plushie sewing kit has everything you need to make adorable little food plushies.

Karaoke Machine plus a couple CD+Gs like this one or this one, and your little singer will be belting out Taylor Swift and Moana to her hearts content!

Emoji Shoes Quirky without being tacky.

Razor Jetts Heel Wheels Scooter/heelys/skates all rolled into one new product. (pun! ha!)

Instax camera the updated Polaroid camera.

Unicorn Rainbow Tape Dispenser would be the jewel of her desktop.

Fairy Garden Kit for the girl with the imagination. Give it with a copy of the classic book, The Fairy Rebel or the lovely Complete Book of Flower Fairies.

Boogie Boards are fun for practicing cursive and spelling words.

Klutz Room Design Book Furniture and decor stickers with layouts for your budding interior designer.

Trolls keychain Cute movie with cute characters.

American Girl Sticker Book She’s got the dolls, and this sticker book is awesome!


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