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Meals from a $1 loaf of French bread


My love for grocery store bakery French bread goes way back. Back to when I was in high school, and I would (no joke!) stop at Albertson’s on my way home from school and buy a loaf of fresh hot bread and eat it on the drive home. Literally, sat it on the passengers seat, tore off big ol chunks of it, and ate all the squishy soft bread until it was basically hollowed out.

Yep. Obviously, I was one of the cool kids…

These days, I still buy a loaf pretty much every time I go to the store, but my kids won’t let me eat all myself. haha

I’m all about stretching a buck. Here’s ten ways to make dinner with a loaf of $1 French bread.
Cheap Dinner Ideas using a $1 loaf of French Bread

French Toast – slice into 1″ slices, dip into egg mixture, fry in coconut oil, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar… YUM!
Shrimp Po’Boys
Deli Subs – make a loaf into a family-style sub piled high with deli meats and cheeses.
French Bread Pizza – the ol standard, slice in half and top with tomato sauce and cheese, or get creative with toppings!
Chicken Stuffed French Bread
Meatball Subs – use a bag of frozen meatballs, some jarred spaghetti sauce and provalone or mozzarella and broil til deliciously melty.
Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches
Fiesta Taco Bread
Sloppy Joe French Bread Pizza
Pioneer Woman’s Olive Bread

Of course, using French bread to make garlic bread or cheesy toasts is a fantastic way to stretch a meal as well. It goes with pasta dishes, soups (might I recommend my yummy Fresh Tomato Soup?!), comfort food, etc. Did I miss anything? Comment and let me know!

10 Cheap Dinner Ideas Using a Loaf of French Bread

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Liz Mrozowski

Thursday 27th of October 2016

Yum! These all sounds great. I love crusty bread for just the classic bread&butter or I makeit into easy garlic bread by slicing, buttering, sprinkling garlic powder and a little parm cheese and broiling. Goes great with anything Italian!!<3Liz

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