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One Wreath for Every Holiday


With one basic boxwood wreath, you can add and switch out festive embellishments for every holiday! 

I looooove making wreaths. In the last few years, I’ve made probably a hundred or so, a lot of those being for my old Etsy shop. Although I’ve made so many, I have managed to scale my personal collection down to about 20 of my absolute favorites.

Which is still a lot!

I keep them in wreath boxes in my garage, and though my husband tends towards minimalism and always wants to get rid of stuff, he knows that my wreath collection is off limits. 😉

But I know not everyone is able to make and store that many different wreaths. So one day I had the idea to figure out how to make one wreath that people could use all year.

One Wreath All Year

I decided a basic boxwood wreath would be the perfect base, and I started to collect bows and small embellishments for each holiday.

How to Make a Faux Boxwood Wreath - Easy!

Faux Boxwood Wreath DIY

I found most of the little embellishments or trinkets at the Dollar Tree or Michaels, in their seasonal section. 

It was so easy to make a quick bow using one of my easy bow methods, and then pop on a few little decorations, and voila! Instant festive wreath for every holiday!

When one holiday is over, the pieces can be easily removed and replaced with the next holiday’s embellishments and bow.

All the pieces I use are just slipped into the boxwood and grapevine wreath base, and I used wire to attach the bows, so there wasn’t any glue residue or damage to the wreath.

Pop on, pop off! So easy.

A Wreath for Every Holiday

Hanging a festive wreath for each holiday is an easy way to celebrate throughout the year. A seasonal wreath on the door is a great way to greet family and friends, and welcome them into your home.

With my huge wreath collection, I’m tempted to change out my wreath a couple times a month, just so I can enjoy them all. haha

I love scoping out front doors as I drive around, noticing trends and preferences. Some doors (like mine!) have a wreath on it year round. Most people own a couple holiday specific wreaths, like a cheery spring wreath and a classy Christmas wreath, and then have a more neutral, basic green wreath for the rest of the year.

I thought, why not use that basic green wreath and jazz it up for each holiday?! And my Boxwood Wreath for Every Holiday project was born.

One Wreath for Every Holiday

Use a basic green boxwood wreath and a handful of bows and embellishments to create a festive wreath for each holiday! Scroll down to see links to each holiday wreath version, and a link at the bottom to make your own faux boxwood wreath to use as a base.

It took a full year to collect the embellishments for each holiday. I patiently waited for the stores to put out the next holiday’s craft and decor supplies so I could finish my project. But I love how it all worked out!

All the pieces could be stored in gallon zip bags. When one holiday ends, just get out the next holiday’s bag and switch out the pieces on the wreath.

So fun! So easy!

I love to see the wreaths YOU make! Tag me @thehowtomom on IG or use the hashtag #thehowtomomwreaths so I can see it and tell you how talented you are! 

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