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Virgin Mojito Recipe – Crisp and Refreshing!


Virgin Mojitos are a delicious family friendly “mocktail”. This Virgin Mojito recipe comes together in a snap, with only three ingredients. Its so crisp and refreshing!

For date night a couple weeks ago, we ate at Communal in downtown Provo. The food was delicious (who knew brussels sprouts were so good when roasted?!), and we also had the yummiest drink.

It was imported Sprite (from Mexico), mixed with mint and lime. So crisp and delicious! I don’t remember what they called it, but my husband and I joked that they were Mo-jitos (“Mo” as in Mormon, haha). Real Mojitos are made with mint, lime, simple syrup, club soda and rum. So these are definitely an easier, non-alcoholic version.

A Family Friendly Mocktail

Since then, we’ve made them for my family to have with Thanksgiving dinner, and they were a huge hit. They are an easy way to make a family dinner or event a little bit fancier.

I would totally serve Virgin Mojitos at a Cinco de Mayo party (with my homemade refried beans!). Sometimes for birthdays or family parties, we go all out and make Cafe Rio pork salads at home, and virgin mojitos would be a fun addition, and good use of the extra limes. I’ll have to remember it for next time!

Ooo, we could also ditch the ol Martinelli’s on New Years Eve and make these non-alcoholic mojitos instead. A fun new tradition!

Virgin Mojito Recipe - A Family Friendly Mocktail

They’re not complicated at all, just 3 ingredients over ice: mint, lime, and Sprite. I would highly suggest using the Mexican Sprite, it just has a slightly different taste. Sweeter and less fizzy, I think. I was able to buy it at Walmart, no problem. Its always in glass bottles. You could definitely find it at a Mexican market or mercado as well. Or I found a case of Mexican Sprite available on Amazon too.

How to Make Virgin Mojitos

Easy Virgin Mojito Recipe

I used about 8 leaves of mint, and crushed them up a bit in the bottom of the glass with the handle of a butter knife (so classy!), then squeezed in a quarter of a lime (dropping it in the glass as well), topped with ice and Sprite and stirred a bit.

Thats it!

Crisp and Refreshing Virgin Mojitos

I’m not great at going all out for parties, so something simple and special is perfect for us. A little bit fancy and not a bit stressful!

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Lisa {grey luster girl}

Saturday 21st of December 2013

I love Communal! I wish I had one million dollars just so that I could eat there weekly :). You have a fun blog! I just got done looking at the toys for little girls and your pony tail mini tutorials. I am off to look around some more!

[email protected]

Sunday 22nd of December 2013

Seriously!! Their food is divine! So fresh and creative, and comforting. Mmmm.

Thanks for your kind words about my blog! I'm so glad you commented so that I could find YOUR blog! I love your style. New follower! :)

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