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Thanksgiving Boxwood Wreath DIY – neutral fall farmhouse wreath


Make a super easy fall farmhouse wreath with a basic boxwood wreath and a few accent pieces. Beautiful neutral Thanksgiving decor for your front door!

Another holiday, another boxwood wreath update! I’m having so much fun coming up with these boxwood wreath ideas, and I’m so close to having a whole year of boxwood wreaths done!

blue front door with neutral boxwood wreath

Thanksgiving decor was SPARSE already by mid October (what the heck, Michaels?!), and all I could find was two of these tiny bags of “filler” or table scatter (is that a thing?) that had mini pumpkins and small pinecones. But I also saw a coordinating ribbon, and decided to just go with it!

My whole idea with these boxwood wreaths is to be able to change out the accent pieces seasonally. Then you can have a years worth of holiday wreaths, without having to have 7 different wreaths! Just one basic green wreath with a handful of holiday pieces to change out whenever you’d like.

So these pieces are all removable. They just slide into the greenery, and then slide back out when you’re done with the holiday and want to change it to something else. Or just leave it plain!

How to make a fall farmhouse wreath

To turn the pumpkins into picks, I used a bamboo skewer to poke a small hole (the pumpkins are styrofoam inside). And then I cut the skewer in half and put a bit of hot glue on the end to secure it into the pumpkin.

boxwood wreath with neutral mini pumpkins and pinecones

For the pinecones, I just hot glued them to the end of half a bamboo skewer.
(Do you love pinecones? You might want to check out my Easy Pinecone Wreath DIY!)

Then I just slipped the skewers into the wreath, and adjusted the spacing as needed. I added a neutral bow from my Easy Wreath Bow Tutorial, and that’s it! I think it took me less than a half hour to make the whole wreath from start to finish.

boxwood wreath with neutral fall accents

Super easy! I was dyyyying when I was taking the pictures on my front door, because I realized the pumpkins totally looked like boobs!! From a distance the brown stems look like nipples! lol I’m sure my neighbors thought I was crazy out there laughing and taking pictures.

After I was done getting the “good” shots, I just couldn’t resist rearranging the pumpkins into boobie pairs! I sent a pic to my crafty friend, Suesan and she said she thought they looked like eyes. I guess my mind is in the gutter! lol

To see the “boob” (or eyes!) wreath pics, head over to my instagram @thehowtomom and have a laugh! I’m curious if you think they look like eyes or boobs. Or just pumpkins! Oh man, I am turning into the crazy wreath lady… lol.

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