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20+ Gorgeous and Modern Nativity Sets


A collection of the prettiest modern nativity sets you can find. These are not your grandmother’s Christmas decorations, they’re neutral and minimalist and beautiful!

modern and minimal nativity sets

Christmas can bring out the collector in people. For some, its nutcrackers. Others add a special new ornament to their collection every year. Some people have elaborate Christmas villages, and this year I’m seeing lots of bottle brush tree collections.

But I love nativities.

Growing up, we had a few special nativity sets. One delicate porcelain set that went on top of the piano, and then a few more tucked into bookshelves and on tables. It was always a special event when we set up the nativity, and we all wanted the privilege of placing the baby Jesus (with his perpetually broken arm, haha).

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Now that I have my own family, I’ve continued the tradition of decorating with nativities. I think we’re up to 7 different sets. (I even spray painted an ugly nativity set!) We have a few nice sets that are up out of reach, and then we also have the Fisher Price Nativity set and a wooden manger scene that the kids are welcome to play with and rearrange to their hearts content.

Nativities help my family stay focused on the real reason we celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. When they were little, it was fun to find pieces of the Little People nativity set in random places. I remember one day cleaning up toys and finding Mary, Joseph and a camel in the Little People school bus. It made me laugh so hard!

Finding Modern Nativity Sets

Its fun to shop for nativities, but it can be tricky to find modern ones. There are lots of “classic” nativity sets out there, but beautiful, modern nativity sets are hard to come by.

So I scoured the stores and found 20 of the prettiest modern nativities. I’ve linked them up below, just click the pictures or links to shop. If you want to see some ULTRA-modern nativity sets, you should check out my favorite minimalist nativity sets here.

Modern Nativity Sets

Simple, modern and neutral, these nativity sets are not your grandma's nativities! Your family will remember the real Christmas story with these pretty sets.

I hope this was helpful. Merry Christmas, friends!

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Casey Veiseth

Tuesday 3rd of December 2019

I also have a collection of nativity sets. My main one is the Willow Tree brand, gifted to me by my mom as a formal set. The Fisher Price set first came out when my oldest was a baby. We loved it so much, that I have one of my own, and one for each of my girls to take with them for their own family some day. My collection includes wooden sets of various sizes, various small porcelin sets, a plastic Precious Moments one, and even one with the Veggie Tales characters! Displaying these brings me so much joy! I am hopeful that someday I will have my mom's is made of wax, and quite fragile.


Tuesday 3rd of December 2019

Oh I'd love to have the full Willow Tree set, it is so pretty. That's fun that you have so many sets! And that's a great idea to buy and save the Little People sets for your kids future families. They are sometimes hard to find! And a wax nativity set, wow that would be delicate!

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