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How to Add Lights to a Wreath for a Holiday Glow


Make your front door twinkle and glow by adding lights to a holiday wreath. This easy technique uses tiny LED lights to welcome in the holiday spirit.

You often see pre-lit fake evergreen wreaths, but sometimes its fun to add lights to other types of wreaths too. I recently added some batter powered LED lights to my red poinsettia wreath. I just love how it glows at night and on chilly overcast days!

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lights on a wreath

What kind of lights can I put on a wreath?

You’ll definitely want some “light” lights. haha We could say lightweight lights. I love the LED lights that are strung on a tiny copper or silver wire. They are easy to bend and twist into the right spots, and have a very ethereal quality. Also called “fairy lights”, they glow like fireflies and are perfect for this kind of project.

I picked up my fairy lights at Target (these lights with a silver wire are similar). You can also find them at the dollar store, but they are usually a fairly short string, sometimes only having 10 lights. The set I used has 30. If you really want to light your wreath up, they also come in 90 lights.

fairy lights with a poinsettia wreath

The process of adding lights is fairly simple, and will depend on the type of wreath you have. If its an evergreen wreath, you should be able to just wrap the lights or weave them around in the greenery.

For my poinsettia wreath, I wanted the centers of the poinsettia to glow. There are 10 blooms on this wreath, so I figured I could put two lights in each center, with a few lights poking out in between the leaves and flowers.

LED lights on Christmas Wreath

I started by turning the lights on and tucking the battery into a resting spot where it is mostly hidden. Then I weaved the wire through the petals and into the center of each poinsettia. Sometimes I’d have to bend the wire and tuck it behind the petals a bit.

Then I just continued around the wreath, arranging the lights in the middle of each flower. I didn’t need to secure the strand with anything extra, they’re so lightweight and the wire really bends and hugs the wreath.

fairy lights nestled into poinsettia blooms

I had a couple extra lights at the end, but I just tucked them in.

It turned out soooo pretty! I can’t wait to try adding lights to some of my other wreaths, like my DIY Pinecone Wreath or even my DIY Ornament Wreath. Twinkly lights are such a fun part of the holidays, and we get to go overboard if we want, or keep it sweet and simple.

fairy lights on a red poinsettia wreath

If there’s a wreath you’d like to make, but you need a little help, check out my Ultimate Wreath Guide, where I go over all the different types of wreath forms and styles and techniques. I’m happy to help you figure it out!

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