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50+ Sweet and Girly Picture Books


We love sweet and girly picture books! Unicorns, ballerinas, fairy tales, make believe, treats and lots of happily ever afters!

When found out I was pregnant with my first, I was so excited to shop for baby stuff. But not knowing the gender til 20 weeks put a bit of a damper on that.

…Until I realized that I could still buy books! So I soothed my shopping urges at Barnes and Noble. I bought probably $300 worth of books in the first 4 months of that pregnancy! Then when I found it it was a girl, I happily switched to buying cutesy girl clothes.

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But I still love to buy books. A perfectly smooth cover, unbroken spine, the excitement of a new plot. Food for little imaginations. I remember my mom saying that books were always a good purchase, and my parents did their best to buy us as many books as we wanted.

My collection of 100+ Baby-Sitters Club books is proof! And all of the Little House on the Prairie books. Oh and American Girl books! I try to do the same for my girls. But lets be honest, it doesn’t take much to convince me.

girly picture books

My two little girls have quite the library! Here are some of our favorites:

Eloise Series

Eloise can be a bit of a …brat. But we typically talk about her behavior throughout the book and whether Eloise is making good choices/being polite or not. The books are entertaining and easy to read.

Fancy Nancy Series

We love Fancy Nancy! It is one my daughter’s favorite series. My daughter likes that Nancy adores pink and frilly things. I like that she is polite, likes to use “fancy” words, and encourages creativity.

Pinkalicious Series

Pinkalicious is another favorite series. My oldest had the first 5 pages of Purplicious memorized when she was only 2 years old. She never gets tired of Pinkalicious and her pink obsession.

Annie and Snowball Series

My daughter found these books at the library, and loves them. Annie loves frilly pretty things, the stories are sweet and simple.

Amelia Bedelia Series

A favorite from when I was younger! My daughter doesn’t understand some of the references/jokes in these books, but she loves them nonetheless. These are a bit longer, be warned!

Classic Fairy Tales

This collection of fairy tales are the best. I looked long and hard for the perfect set of fairy tale books. I wanted the text to be traditional, but easy to read, and the pictures had to be fun. We have almost all of these and are very happy

Angelina Ballerina Books

Cute stories about a persistent little mouse who loves ballet.

Ladybug Girl Series

We love this imaginative little girl named Lulu.

More Girly Picture Books

1. I Had a Favorite Dress This story is beautifully illustrated. Seriously stunning. The story is about a little girls dress and how her crafty mom modifies it as she grows up.

2. Whatever Wanda Wanted This was another library discovery, and we checked it out over and over again. (I need to buy it!). The pictures are fun, and the story is unique. I find myself quoting the book every once in awhile. “Got you, Wanda!”

3. The Rainbabies is a favorite from my childhood. These illustrations are mesmerizing! A sweet and imaginative story.

4. Imogene’s Antlers I remember this book from Reading Rainbow when I was younger. I loved it. The idea that one day you could wake up and be different was fun to think about. My daughter loves it too.

1. Uni the Unicorn is a cute book about an real unicorn and her imaginary friend.

2. Dear Girl will make you cry! Its a sweet and empowering picture book perfect for bedtime.

3. Florabelle has such gorgeous pictures! My girls loved this book.

4. Lola Dutch is a newer series about an imaginative little girl and her bear, Bear.

I stumbled upon so many more beautiful girly picture books as I was making this list. It was hard to stop!

If you have older girls, you should check out my huge list of Girly Graphic Novels for Tweens. I’m positive your daughter will love them!!

Girly Picture Books

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Monday 8th of September 2014

My absolute favorite is A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon.


Saturday 27th of July 2013

Where's the Dr. Seuss books? Gotta have ten or fifteen of them too! Books never get old.... and the proof is the ten or twelve bookcases in our house. Great advise, Ky!

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