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20+ Beautiful Tulip Wreaths, Perfect for Your Front Door


Tulip wreaths are the perfect spring wreath! I’ve rounded up over 30 of my favorites, so you can choose the perfect tulip wreath for your front door!

I have an extremely popular Tulip Wreath DIY post here on my blog. Its super easy and the result is always gorgeous! I have been tagged and received hundreds of pictures of the tulip wreaths my readers (friends!) have made. Its so fun!

Don’t want to DIY a Tulip Wreath?

But not everyone has the time or desire to make their own, so I thought it might be nice to round up a bunch of the prettiest tulip wreaths that are available right now in stores.

Just scroll through, click on what you like, and then hang on your front door when it arrives in a few days! Easy peasy!

I looked for a variety of colors, sizes and styles. They’re listed loosely in order from pastel spring colors, to more bold and bright tulips that can be hung on your front door well into summer.

A lot of these wreaths would be lovely for wedding decor as well! Especially the white tulip wreaths or the heart shaped tulip wreath.

The sizes are also listed in each description below. The average wreath is about 21″ across. If you want to hang it indoors, you could choose a smaller size. Or if you have a large or tall front door, you could probably handle one of the bigger 26″ or 28″ wreaths.

This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if you choose to buy.

Prettiest Tulip Wreaths for Your Front Door

Over 30 of the prettiest spring and summer tulip wreaths, ready to hang on your front door. From spring pastels to bold summery colors, and rustic to contemporary, there's a tulip wreath for every style!

Spring Tulip Wreaths

Pastel colors and soft green accents make these tulip wreaths perfect for spring!

Summer Tulip Wreaths

Bold colors and brighter shades make these tulip wreaths perfect for hanging on your front door from spring to summer!

There you go! I’m excited that you’re joining the tulip wreath party! haha

I would love to see it hanging on your door! Tag me on IG @thehowtomom so I can tell you how great it looks!

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