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How to hang a wreath – On doors, windows, mirrors and more


Need to hang a wreath, but not sure how? Here are a handful of different (and easy!) ways to hang a wreath on any surface.

The holidays are a perfect time to display your favorite festive wreath. I’m going to show you the easiest ways to get that gorgeous wreath hung up!

If you’re looking to make a wreath, check out my ultimate wreath making guide, or my super simple tutorial on how to make a bow for a wreath.

There are a few options, and I’ll explain a bit about where to find the supplies/tools needed, how it works, and pros and cons of each. Then I’ll discuss some of the places that wreaths can be hung, and which techniques work best, and how to do get that lovely wreath up on display! At the end of the post, I’ll offer my suggestions for hanging a wreath in a some tricky circumstances.

how to hang a wreath

To make this wreath, check out my Faux Boxwood Wreath tutorial. (Hung on a wreath hanger)

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Ways to Hang a Wreath

Use a Door Hanger

Over the door wreath hangers are typically metal, plastic or acrylic, and are somewhat S shaped (or a stretched out sideways 5, lol). They are made to rest on top of the door, and then have a sloped piece in the front to rest the wreath on/in. They come in a few different lengths, most commonly 12″ or 15″.

Why you should use a wreath hanger

Plastic or metal wreath hangers are a super easy way to hang a wreath. They’re inexpensive (I often see them at the Dollar Store!) and pretty fool proof. Just hook it over the top of the door, center and then hang your wreath. Easy peasy!

But there may be some instances where a wreath hanger might not be the best solution…

Why a wreath hanger might not work out

Sometimes even the thinnest door hangers just don’t fit in the door frame. They can hit the door frame and prevent the door from closing properly. When this happens, door frames and doors get scratched and dinged up. The wreath hanger may even damage the front of the door, by rubbing against the paint.

how to hang a wreath on a door with a window

To make this wreath, check out my Rainbow Hydrangea Wreath tutorial. (Hung with a small Command Hook)

A wreath hanger may not work with style/architecture of the door. Some of the prettiest doors I’ve seen just won’t work with an over the door wreath hook. Doors with windows or detail work or extra tall doors fit in this category. The hook just doesn’t hang in the right spot. It covers the window or hits the door knocker or hangs too high, etc.

DIY Ornament Wreath - rose gold, white gold, silver and gold

To make this wreath, check out my Easy Ornament Wreath tutorial. (hung with a Command Hook)

Some wreaths just don’t fit on a wreath hanger. My tulip wreath is one example. It uses an extruded foam wreath base, so its just too bulky to rest properly in the hook part of the hanger. I have a loop on the back of all my tulip wreaths to make it work with the wreath hanger. But without it, it just wont fit. Also, my ornament wreath (above) has a similar problem, with all those ornaments, its just too bulky to rest in a wreath hanger without a loop on the back.

Sometimes a wreath hanger doesn’t match the style of the wreath. I’ve found that with a lot of the more modern wreaths, a wreath hanger just doesn’t look quite right. Its often too distracting from the simple wire or hoop frames like my modern love wreath below. On the other hand, some plain wreaths may need more visual interest than a boring hook, and you may want to hang it with ribbon instead.

Valentines Hoop Wreath DIY

To make this wreath, check out my Modern Hoop Wreath tutorial. (hung with ribbon and a Command Hook)

Wreath Hanger Pros + /Cons –
+super simple install and removal
+variety of colors

-may be too thick for door jamb
-may distract from style of door
-could scratch door or door frame
-doesn’t always fit wreath
-may not match the style of wreath

Use a Self Adhesive Hook

Hooray for technology! Self adhesive hooks are easy to find, easy to hang and (probably won’t) damage surfaces. These hooks are typically plastic, with a sticky foam piece to attach the hook to the surface. Then when you need to remove the hook, just pull the tab and the hook usually pops right off, without damaging the surface.

Why you should use adhesive hooks to hang wreaths

Self adhesive hooks, most notably Command Hooks from 3M, are a very easy way to hang a wreath in exactly the right spot on your door. Just measure (or eyeball, if you’re a risk taker! lol), remove the paper backing and place hook on the door, window or mirror. Voila!

Self adhesive hooks come in a variety of styles, from decorative to functional to hidden. Depending on the look you’re going for, you may want a more visible hook, like these silver outdoor hooks. If you need something hidden, to give a floating effect (see pic below), try a smaller hook or a clear outdoor hook.

Navy door with magnolia wreath

To make this wreath, check out my Easy Magnolia Wreath tutorial. (Hung with a Command Hook)

Command Hooks are perfect if you are looking to hang a wreath with ribbon, since you’re able to control the height placement of the hook. Self adhesive hooks are also how people hang wreaths with ribbon that attach to the back of the door. (more on that in another post!)

If you need to hang an wreath on a surface other than a door, these hooks are ideal because they can stick to windows, mirrors, trim, etc.

A word of caution on adhesive hooks

The real only draw back to these hooks is the possible damage to the paint or finish of the surface. I think most brands do their best to ensure that there isn’t any damage, but there *is* the chance. I know (from past mistakes!) that if you don’t pull that tab verrrrrry slowly when removing the hook, it can snap off and leave you without a stub to pull. Or it’ll pop the whole hook off, and take a chunk of the wall with it. (face palm!)

use command hooks to hang a wreath

To make this wreath, check out my Easy Tulip Wreath tutorial. (hung with a Command Hook)

Self Adhesive Hooks Pros + /Cons –
+control hook height/placement
+flexibility in surface placement
+complement decor or be totally invisible

-potential for damage to surfaces.

SHOP AMAZON for self adhesive Command Hooks: decorative silver, dark bronze option, clear option

Small Nail or tack

Of course you could just nail a teeny nail into your door or wall (or above your window) to hang your wreath. Then you can swap out wreaths whenever you’d like, and not have to worry about it damaging a chunk of paint (except for the tiny hole). Nails are sturdy and should hold most wreaths just fine.

This is a fairly permanent solution, and one that my non-committing heart probably wouldn’t recommend. I think there are too many different wreath styles to just pick one spot and commit to it forever. It might be fine for your Christmas wreath, but what if your spring wreath needs to be in a different spot?!

How to hang a wreath somewhere besides a door

Sometimes you need to hang a wreath somewhere besides a door, so I thought I’d share some other ways to display or hang wreaths.

Hang a wreath on an empty window frame

For instructions on this wreath, check out my Tulip Wreath tutorial. (hung with thumb tacks)

Suction cups on windows or mirrors

This may be a good (and zero damage) way to hang a wreath indoors, on a smooth surface like a glass window or a mirror. Make sure to moisten the suction cup before attaching it to the surface to help it adhere better. Here’s a link to some suction cups with hooks.

Stand alone Wreath stand

A wreath stand is a great way to display a wreath indoors. I love the look of them near a fireplace, especially. There are definitely a zero damage, zero commitments option!

Possible tricky wreath scenarios

How to I hang a wreath on an apartment door?

When you need to be careful about damaging a door, I would recommend using a clear acrylic wreath hanger. If the surface seems fairly tough, you could probably use a Command Hook, just be careful when removing the adhesive. Some apartment doors are metal, so you easily use a magnetic hook in that circumstance. But if your wreath is really heavy, it may not be strong enough to hold it up unless its a pretty heavy duty magnet.

How do I hang a wreath on a door with a window?

Many doors have windows in them. It might be a regional trend, I remember noticing that everrrrry door in St Louis had the oval shaped glass inset. In those situations, I’d suggest using a Command Hook, either directly on the glass or slightly above it on the door itself. I think you could also use a tiny nail in the top of the window frame, and then use ribbon or fishing line to hang the wreath in the right spot. You may need to experiment with wreath placement. Sometimes it a wreath may look better centered in the glass, or some may look better with a traditional 2/3 placement, regardless of the glass. Or you can place it below the glass, like my friend Mindy’s door below.

Robins Egg blue door with haint blue ceiling

To make this wreath, check out my Easy Easter Wreath tutorial. (Hung with a small Command Hook)

How do I hang a wreath on a tall door?

For extra tall doors (like the one above), you will probably need to use a Command Hook in order to get the proper placement. A wreath hanger will likely put the wreath at a weird height. I think most wreaths look good at eye level, but on an extra tall door, I’d aim for somewhere between eye-level and 2/3 up the door. Another option is to hang a hook upside down on the back of the door and then bring a ribbon over the top of the door to hang the wreath at the right spot. This can have a beautiful dramatic effect, especially for holidays.

How do I hang a wreath on a decorative door?

With unique or architectural doors, you may need to come up with a unique wreath placement! Again, I’d likely use Command Hook, and try to compliment the style of the door. The style of wreath can either compliment or really detract from the door.

How do I hang a wreath with a storm door?

Storm or screen doors can make it kinda tricky to hang a wreath, but its not impossible! You can hang the wreath on your regular door, as long as the wreath isn’t too “thick” that your storm can’t close (or mash the wreath). I’ve also seen people hang the wreath directly on the storm door, using a clear Command Hook. You could also hang the wreath to the side of your door, under a light fixture or house number.

How do I hang a wreath on a mirror?

With mirrors, I would suggest using a suction cup with hooks or self adhesive hook (like Command Hooks) for floating/hidden hanging. If you’d like to use ribbon to “drop” your wreath down to a desired height, you can use a hook on the front of the mirror, or an UPSIDE DOWN hook on the back of the mirror to hold the loop of ribbon. You may need to play with the height of the wreath, you may not want it at eye-level if its a mirror that you will want to actually look in, lol. You could also use a tiny nail or tack on the very top edge of the mirror to hook the ribbon or fishing line to.

How do I hang a wreath on a window?

For wreaths on windows, I’d suggest Command Hooks directly on the glass, if you want the wreath to be flush to the window. To hang a wreath in front of a window with blinds or curtains, I’d use a nail or tack right about the window frame, and then either use fishing line or ribbon to drop the wreath down to the desired height. This look is really popular and so pretty around the holidays!

How do I hang wreaths on cupboards?

Hanging wreaths on cupboards is a gorgeous way to decorate for the holidays. To hang a smaller wreath on a cupboard, use a Command Hook on the front of the door and hang wreath directly on that for a “floating” look. Or, hang the hook upside down on the back of the cupboard door and loop ribbon over the top of the door and tie the wreath up with the ribbon.

How do I hang a wreath on brick or siding?

To hang a wreath on brick or siding without drilling holes, try brick clips or siding clips. The brick clips just clamp onto the bricks, and already have a little hook for hanging. The siding clips slip in between the slats of sliding and rest in place, giving you the freedom to hang whatever you want wherever you want! I’ve seen wreaths hung centered on a porch, or in between windows.

The brick clips are perfect for hanging a wreath on brick above a fireplace! No drilling or damage.

How do I hang wreaths on outside windows?

Call a landscaping company and hire it out! lol If you want to do it yourself, you can try using Christmas light clips, brick clips, siding clips, a tiny nail above the window frame, Command Hooks directly on the window pane, or these handmade hooks that slip in between the screen frame and window frame.

Hope that helps! If you have a tricky wreath question, I’d be happy to try and help. You can email me at thehowtomom (at)

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