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Mini Christmas Wreath Ornaments: Simple DIY Craft Project


There are so many options with these mini Christmas wreath ornaments. They make great gifts, accents on wrapped presents, or just to hang on your tree.

They are so fun and easy to make! Your kids can join in the fun as well. Go as simple or as elaborate as you’d like.

DIY Mini Wreath Decorations.


  • Yarn- I purchased several skeins from Dollar Tree, but you can get them at any craft store. I used green, red, and cream
  • Mini bells- dollar tree
  • Christmas floral picks (link to Michaels)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Embroidery floss
  • Bakers twine
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Tube confetti- dollar tree

Step 1

Wrap wood rings in yarn. Start by tying a knot around the ring and wrap yarn around the ring.

If there is space between your loops, push it together with your fingers so you cannot see the wood ring between the yarn. Once the ring is covered, tie another knot and secure the end with hot glue at the back. Cut off any access.

I covered all 6 rings before decorating and this seemed to make the project go faster.

You can mix and match your yarn colors or use one color to cover the whole ring. I love the flexibility that comes with this project!

Step 2

Decorate your mini wreaths. This is the fun part! I used different supplies in different combinations on each wreath.

On this wreath I wrapped baker’s twine around and secured at the back with hot glue. I then made dots of hot glue and sprinkled the tube confetti on to look like ornaments.

I attached  2 strips of the same ribbon at an angle on this wreath, keeping it simple.

This wreath is decorated with a ribbon bow on the top.

For this wreath, I cut the balls off a floral pick and secured them with hot glue around the ring to look like ornaments.

This wreath turned out so cute and ended up being my favorite. For this wreath, I wrapped red and white ribbon around the top half of the ring, securing it in the back with hot glue.

Then I cut off red balls from a floral pick and attached them in a cluster with hot glue. On the underside of the red balls, I made a line of hot glue and sprinkled on red tube confetti.

This added dimension and sparkle.

I wrapped green embroidery floss around the green portion of the wreath. Then attached mini bells around the ring.

Step 3

Attach embroidery floss or yarn to the top in a slip knot in order to hang wreath. On several of the wreaths I strug small wood beads on the piece of string attached by a slip knot and then tied it at the top.

Enjoy your creations! Keep, gift, or decorate with these cute mini wreaths.

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