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How To Make A Summertime Watermelon-Themed Wall Hanging


Here’s a fun and simple DIY craft project that you can do in an afternoon. It creates a splash of summer-themed color and is an excellent wall hanging project for beginners.

Supply list

  • 19” by 10” half circle wood cut out (from Mr. Peacock’s Wood)
  • Acrylic paint- Red, Light green,  Dark green, and white
  • White and Black Vinyl
  • Silk flower
  • Small piece of twine for hanging (optional)
  • Cricut cutting machine or vinyl letters
  • Scissors, burnishing tool, paint brushes, hot glue gun

Step One:

Start by painting the majority of your wood half-circle red. I used more of a pink-red to mimic the color of watermelon more closely.

I let each coat of paint dry for several hours in between to ensure no bleeding would occur. As the red paint was drying, I painted an approximately 1-inch strip of light green paint around the outermost edge of the half circle.

Step Two

After the Red and light green paint dries, paint a thin line of dark green paint slightly overlapping the light green paint. I then carefully filled in any unpainted area with red so the entire half-circle was painted.

I let this dry for 24 hours to avoid the red paint bleeding into the white paint that will be added next.

Step Three

Once the red and green paint has dried completely, paint a thin white line using a small tipped paint brush. The line should slightly overlap both the red and dark green paint.

Optional: Once the paint is dry, drill two small holes several inches apart and string the small piece of twine through, trying knots at the back like I did. This will enable you to hang your artwork!

Step Four

Next, it is time to cut your vinyl out, this includes the “Summer Vibes” saying and watermelon seeds. You can also use precut letters or stickers to decorate your watermelon! I downloaded a free SVG watermelon file from designbundles.

I used mat white vinyl for the “Summer Vibes” saying and shiny black vinyl for the watermelon seeds.

Step Five

Using transfer tape and a burnishing tool I centered the saying in the upper middle of the wood cut out. 

Step Six

Next, I used transfer tape to randomly place the black watermelon seeds around the wood cut out to mimic a cut slice of watermelon.

Step Seven

As a final touch I attached a silk tropical flower (purchased at the Dollar Tree) using a hot glue gun. I love this cordless glue gun purchased online (link to Amazon).

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