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DIY Moon Suncatcher – Simple Craft Idea!


This sparkling craft gives us all the ethereal cosmic vibes, and we’re here for it. In this article, we’ll teach you how to turn some crystals and wire into a gorgeous suncatcher that catches the light (and catches the eye) in any room!

Supplies Needed:

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Step One:

Take your silver beading wire and cut a long piece. If you got the macrame frames that we got, there will be darker metal spots where the frames are welded together.

You’ll need to wrap the wire around these spots to cover them, both for aesthetic reasons and because you’ll be attaching crystals to one of these spots via wire.

We actually ended up really liking the look of the wire wrapped around the frame! Do this for both the moon and star, or any other metal frame shapes you want to use instead.

Step Two:

Take your scissors and cut your chain to the desired length to hang a small star from your moon’s top point (it should be pretty short in length).

Then, take your jewelry tweezers and open one of the jump rings by placing the tweezers through the ring and slowly opening the ring as you go with outward pressure from the tweezers

Step Three:

Find a spot to loosen the wire slightly where you’ve wrapped it around the top of your moon, and thread the open jump ring through the wire.

Step Four:

Attach the short chain that you’ve already cut to this wire.

Then, take your needle nose pliers and close the ring by placing both sides of the pliers on both sides of the jump ring and pushing the pliers closed.

Step Five:

Take your small star and choose the point that you’d like to hang it from. We chose the point that was directly across from the part we had to wrap in wire to cover the darker metal spots.

Cut another long piece of your silver wire and begin to wrap it around your star, starting in the middle of the wire and working on one side at a time.

When you’ve finished wrapping one side, take a jump ring and thread it onto the other side of your wire.

Finish wrapping this side of the wire around the tip of the star, wrapping tightly to keep the jump ring in place.

Step Six:

Attach the chain that you placed at the top of your moon to the jump ring that you just placed on the wire connected to the top of your star, using the same method as before to open and close the jump ring.

You should now have a star hanging from your moon frame!

Step Seven

Open another jump ring, this time finding a spot you can thread it through the wire you wrapped at the inside part of the top of your star. You’ll be using this jump ring to attach a small crystal.

Cut a piece of chain to the desired length to hang a crystal inside of your star and attach one end to the jump ring you’ve just threaded through the wire on the inside of your star.

Take one of the strands of crystals and detach one of the small crystals from the jump rings that connect them to each other. Save these larger jump rings, as you’ll use them to hang your suncatcher with later.

Open a new jump ring and thread it through the hole in the small crystal, but don’t close it yet.

You’re going to want to thread the end of the chain that is attached to the inside of your star through this jump ring before closing it. You should now have a small crystal hanging from the inside of your star.

Step Eight:

Cut a longer piece of chain. This will be what you hang your large crystal from at the bottom of your moon frame, so adjust the length to your preference.

Attach a small jump ring to both ends of the chain. Take whichever large crystal you’re using and detach it from the rest of the chain, leaving the large jump ring that it’s hanging from attached to it.

Attach this large jump ring to the smaller one at one end of the chain.

Take the wire and cut a long piece. Thread the wire through the other end of the chain with the jump ring, placing the jump ring in the middle of the wire.

Begin to wrap the wire on one side, cutting the wire once you’ve wrapped it around tightly about 6 times. Repeat this wrapping and cutting process on the other side of your wire.

You should now have your larger crystal hanging from the center of the bottom of your moon!

Step Nine:

Repeat this process, using however many chains and however many crystals you’d like to hang from the bottom of your moon.

Once finished, take one of the larger jump rings and attach it to the top of your moon, using wire to wrap it around tightly like you did before.

Attach a chain to this jump ring, cutting it to your preferred hanging length.

Take another large jump ring and attach it to the other end of your chain to hang it from.

Voila! Your suncatcher should be finished and ready to sparkle.

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