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Make A Fun And Easy “Bee Toss” Game For Your Kids!


Need a fun activity for the kiddos this spring and summer? This Bee Toss game is adorable and fun for all. Toss the bees into the flowers to gain points and help pollinate the garden. This is great for preschoolers through elementary.

Assembly of this upcycle diy is easy and can be done for under $20 dollars or less, making this an incredible activity to make for the kids.

Supplies needed  (I found all supplies at Dollar Tree)

  • 2 packs of plastic black party plates
  • I pack small yellow paper plates
  • 5 clear large party bowls
  • 5 felt flower table mats
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Bee themed ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Lentils
  • Free printable number circles
  • Hot glue gun

Step one

Glue your eyes on six plates.

Step two

Take five plates and press them on the bottom curves to make it flat.

Step three

Put some lentils on the flattened plate.

This gives the flying disks just enough weight to make it more controllable in throwing. And kids love the sound.

Step four

Cut and shape your wings from the ribbon. Fold them in half. You can shape them by folding a small piece of each corner. Or you can just leave the folded in half as well.

Step five

Glue your wings.

Glue your wings to the plate with the lentils.

Step six

Glue the plates together.

Glue them around the inner and outer edges.

I realized at this stage I had put too many lentils so I removed some. You just want enough to lightly weigh it.

If there is too much the disk will be too heavy.

These little bee toss disks are so cute!

Believe it or not, they are super durable. If any ever get damaged, they only take minutes to make new ones.

Step seven

Make your flowers.

I started by cutting out the printables I created for this project.

You can grab your free printables HERE.

Glue the number to the bottom of the five clear bowls.

Next, flip the black plastic plates over and glue the flowers to the back.

Finally, glue the bowl to the front of the plate.

The goal of this game is to throw the bee disk into the flower! I made six disks so two kids can play with three each or three kids with two per game.

When a child throws it in, keep score of their numbers and add them up with them at the end. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins!

Make as many disks as you need. My count is all I needed.

Place them inside or outside in the order you would like.

I started with one and worked my way back to five.

This is a great game to help children learn counting and addition as you total the points together.

 A bonus tip, parents, homeschool teachers, preschool, and elementary teachers could also take this time to teach the importance of bees and their role in pollination as the kids toss the bees into the flowers!

If interested, here is a great video on the process to share with the kids!

Enjoy Bee Toss this summer!

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