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DIY Dollar Tree Bird Feeder Craft


Want a simple craft idea to make? This bird feeder is not only the easiest craft you will make this year but it is also beautiful. The 5 Minute 5 Dollar Bird Feeder Craft literally takes five minutes and only five dollars to make, requiring no tools. No kidding!

I set out to see if I could create on my own a simple and easy bird feeder. One of my favorite places to grab supplies to make things is Dollar Tree and I wanted to see if there was anything there I could make one out of.

It hit me like lightning, and I am excited to share it with you. I hope you, too, enjoy making one.

Supplies needed

(All supplies were bought at the Dollar Tree)

  • 2 Macrame towel and tissue holders
  • 1 10 x 10in wooden bead wreath
  • 1 metal garden hook (if needed)
  • 1 plastic plate
  • Scissors (if needed)

Step one

Cut the tags.

You can literally just rip the tags off, no scissors are needed if you’re strong. So technically, you can get away with making this bird feeder with no tools at all. But, I decided to use mine.

Step two

Tie the towel and tissue holders to the wooden bead wreath.

Each towel and tissue holder has 8 strings hanging from them. Four on each side.

Line the holder up to the side of your wreath. Separate them in twos and tie them tightly to the wreath. Do this on both ends.

Step three

Insert your plate.

In between the holder and the bead wreath surface insert your plate. I chose a lightweight yet sturdy ornate plate. You pull up the wooden rod over the plate on each side.

The size is perfect and locks the plate in place with no glue whatsoever needed.

Step four (optional)

At the bottom when you hold your bird feeder up the holders you tied on will have an extra string hanging.

I think they look whimsical and ok to keep you do not even need to cut them but I ended up cutting mine to see how it would look without them.

I plan on making another bird feeder just like this again and keeping my strings the next time. So whatever you like.

Step five

Hang and add your bird seed.

This is the part that is so fulfilling. I had never made a bird feeder before! When I hung mine I smiled with satisfaction.

I was so excited to have created a bird feeder craft on such a low budget. It’s fast, cute and easy. It thrilled me!

I hope you enjoy making and using it to feed beautiful bird friends too.

If you want to make more to give away here are some gifting ideas.

  • Teacher appreciation
  • Mother’s day
  • Easter
  • Fourth of July
  • Valentines
  • Birthday’s
  • Any kind of service appreciation
  • Girl Scout project
  • Red Hat Society
  • Summer camp projects

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