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Make A Momento Frame Using Items From Your Past!


Crafting with sentimental old jewelry is a great way to add a personal touch to your projects.

Whether you’re making something for yourself or a gift for a loved one, incorporating a piece of jewelry with sentimental value can make the project even more special.

Consider upcycling an old piece of costume jewelry that marks special times, seasons of your life or someone you love. 

This project is beginner-level. This should take 30 minutes or less to complete.

I had pieces such as my favorite earrings I wore when my kids were young but one was forever missing now. I had a Disney bracelet from over 20 years ago when my grandmother was alive and used to buy lots of things from Avon back in the day.

The bracelet was not real of course and was now too small for me. What do you do with items that mean so much but just sit in a box?

I wanted to bring new life and purpose to such jewelry. Then the idea hit me: take a frame and clue them to it in an artistic way!

Using old jewelry to craft with can be a great way to repurpose old items and give them a new life.

Jewelry often has interesting designs, textures, and colors that can be used to create beautiful and unique pieces.

You can also salvage components such as stones and beads to add character and depth to your crafts. Old jewelry can also be a cost-effective way to add some extra sparkle to your projects.

Supplies Needed:

(links are to Amazon)

  • A frame (I used a white 4×6 but you use any size you need)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Old beloved jewelry you no longer use
  • Pliers

Step One

Remove the hardware.

Take your pliers and remove the ear studs, loops, hooks etc. Take this time to clean and shine them up also if you wish. I did not clean mine because I wanted the worn look of time.

I just love looking at all the pieces again I thought I would never use again. Each piece holds so many memories for me.

Some were given to me by loved ones. Some remind me of the days my kids used to live at home and I got to hug their boo boo’s.

These fake jewelry pieces may have no money value but their value is indeed priceless to me.

Step Two

Glue the jewelry on.

Tip: Mock lay out your pieces on the frame before gluing to finalize the look you want.

Be Careful to put just enough on your slim small pieces. Do not put large blobs unless called for. You do not want your pretty piece glaring at you with a large dried glue ball showing behind it.

I think it turned out amazing. A nice piece of art that now gives my old but not forgotten trinkets a new life of enjoyment for me.

Use your frame to hold photos of loved ones or pets. Or frame your child’s work. If you do not have an idea feel free to print my poem about tiny momentos I wrote below.

Step Three

Add your art or pictures.

Here is a poem I wrote and used in mine. Feel free to print and use it if you want. 

Tiny mementos, though small in size.

 Hold memories and precious ties.

To remind us of the moments past.

And of the memories that will last

It can be a trinket of a special day.

Or a keepsake from a far away.

A memento of a place that we’ve been.

Or a moment that we’ve seen

Tiny mementos, so small and dear.

Can hold a lifetime of memories so clear.

So keep these tiny mementos close & never

 forget the precious moments they hold.

Other ideas of tiny mementos you could glue around a frame.

  • Movie tickets through the years
  • Theme park tickets (and place a picture of your loved ones at the theme park in the frame)
  • Sporting event tickets
  • A departed loved ones old jewelry
  • A departed cat or dogs name tags
  • Pieces of a bookmark collection no longer in use
  • Sea shells you have collected by you, friends, kids or loved ones.
  • Pieces of an old beloved board game that is no longer in use
  • Your favorite candy wrappers
  • Small tiny rocks
  • Small very tiny toys
  • Pieces of popped birthday balloons and blown-out candles
  • Small ornaments no longer in use
  • Keys from a vintage keyboard for a computer lover
  • Old favorite pencils and pens from way back when
  • Old hair bows or barrettes
  • Pieces of broken tile from an old beloved kitchen or bath (saved from a remodel of course)
  • Different colored paper clips
  • Pieces of a tie
  • Pieces of an old favorite t-shirt (but save the main picture of the t-shirt to actually frame)
  • Pieces of kitchen cardboard from baking supplies (and frame a family baking recipe)
  • Fake flowers from a wedding
  • Table scatter from parties
  • Puzzle pieces when pieces are missing to complete the picture
  • Beloved refrigerator magnets
  • Small tools like nuts, bolts, screws

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