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Easy DIY Wall or Door Decor For Fall – Under $10!


Here is a fast and easy fall decor you can do in only 20 minutes or less, affordably.

Crafting can be a relaxing pastime. But what if you love fall but do not have a lot of time to spend making any fall decor? On a budget, maybe? Love fall wreaths but want something “wreath-like”, only quicker?  Well, do not worry. We have got you covered!

I love how this project decor can be used to hang on a wall, a door, a door knob, or a fireplace, literally anywhere you would like. It is so much fun to decorate our homes for fall. It brings our homes a warm seasonal balance that brings our hearts joy. Why not spread the joy?

This would be a great gift as well to cheer someone up or celebrate a fall birthday. And for the low cost, you could even use this to display a random act of kindness by making many too go to neighbors and hang on their door knob with a kind note welcoming fall.

Another great idea for sharing this decor is to visit a retirement home. Many people in a retirement home have decorations on their door. However, look for the ones that do not have any decor on their door and offer one! It will bring a smile. I am almost positive.

The cost to make it is under ten dollars! This is gorgeous and with the low cost and fast assemble time, it would be easy to give away if you chose to!

This 20-minute or less fall wall art or door decor looks more expensive than ten dollars. You can find all the products at Dollar Tree.  It involves using a table charger. I did another post using a table charger. Check out the Fall Candy Bar Centerpiece!

Supplies you will need

  • Hot glue gun
  • Any ribbons you want (I used 5 that complemented the colors of the art and charger)
  • A table charger plate
  • One Dollar tree round fall art (only available in stores)
  • Crafting wooden bead chain by Crafters Square
  • Scissors

First take your round fall wall art and remove the hanger it came with and discard it. It will get in the way. Do not worry you will not notice the two small holes left once you make the craft.

You can also take off the tiny bow if it has one. I think it was small and would take away from the glam will bring on later. But if you think it looks great you can keep it as part of it.

If you want to you could take some of the smaller fancier ribbon and replace it. I chose not to due to all the ribbon it would have around it. I knew I wouldn’t miss it.

Next, take one of your ribbons to use as a decorative anchor on the charger for your art to have more grip to attach to.

Glue your ribbon in a crisscross pattern and also glue it down on the back as well. It does give a small pop of cute in four points on the edge while providing a useful mount for the art.

Now is the time to attach the beads that will be used as the hanger or at this point you can attach the art to the front of the plate. Whichever you would like.

Wooden beads add so much more to the round theme than just using an ordinary hanger. The natural wood color is just beautiful and goes great with the fall colors.

Make sure when you put the fall art on the plate to put glue on the contact points and on where your ribbon will touch the art’s back side. Press firmly.

At this point you can leave it to look minimal if you would like and not add ribbon. The round beads, the round charger with the small round decorative beads on the edging, and the round wall art is so cute how it all ties together!

But I wanted more pop, so I chose the fluffy ribbon look.

If you choose to add ribbon, cut the length you would like for the first part. You will be simply cutting them to tie around the hanging beads. Make sure to add all your different ribbons together in the same length. This process should use at least half of your Dollar Tree ribbon.

You will use the other half of your ribbon rolls to make the simple but beautiful bow. If bows intimidate you do not worry. We have you covered! It is very easy to do. Check out our tutorial on How To Make a Bow For a Wreath.

Now just hot glue your ribbon to the ribbon knot you tied earlier.

Finally, decide where you want to hang it and play with your ribbon fluffing it or tucking it for the look you want. It is great that you can change it any time and no matter how you place the ribbon the decor looks great!

You can not mess this up.

This looks great on the wall or the door! Enjoy! Happy fall yall!

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