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Wooden Beads Wall Art Hack (plus 23 bonus ideas)


If you’re looking for a unique and stylish way to spruce up your home décor, why not try a wall art hack using wooden beads? It’s easy to do and you can really let your creative juices flow. Plus, it’s a great way to add some personal flair to your space.

This project will take 20 mins or less. This is a great weekend project that is not expensive and a way to customize wall art to your liking with popular wooden beads.

I love modern farmhouse words style wall art. I found this one at Ross Dress For Less at a very cheap price. You can find word wall art partially anywhere. Such as Walmart, Big Lots, Home Goods, Amazon, thrift stores, and more.

But let’s say you find one like this one and you want more to it than just the words in the middle. Do not get me wrong, the words by themselves are wonderful but with this one, I just wanted more.

As I looked at it I thought it needs a little house. I remembered I have beads left over from the Beads and Tassels DIY Bathroom Refresh On a Budget so I put those to use!

Supplies needed

  • Words wall art
  • BigOtters wooden beads (link to Amazon)
  • A piece of cardstock you like (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • A little imagination

Step one

Arrange beads and glue.

Play with your beads and figure out what design you want to add to the word art then glue.

Some ideas to consider if you get stuck.

  • Trim the outer edges of the art in wooden beads
  • Made a picture item of your main word
  • Make a quotation bubble out of the beads
  • Glue beads to the frame itself
  • Make a bead handle wall hanger

I wanted to keep my wall art hack simple so I put one larger bead in each corner. I then made a house because the theme is HOME.

Step two

Cut twine and glue if needed in your wall art hack.

The twine comes included with the box of beads if you purchase the one off our list.

I wanted to make mine kinda like a little sloppy clothesline. I glued each end into the top large beads.

Step three

Cut out any embellishments and glue.

I wanted to make a heart to hang from the vine line. I also made a little heart for the home.

I liked how my wall art hack turned out. I like that I did not have to paint words from scratch and all I had to do was add a little more imagination.

That is it! This simple home decor hack on a budget is so cute. It inspires me and I hope it does you also to the possibility of doing more wall art hacks.

23 Bonus wall art hack ideas and enhancements for existing wall art!

  • Take gold craft paint and add some highlights to trees and leaves in some wall art. I did this before with a thrifted modern picture of some trees.
  • Take old black and white pictures and make some silver craft paint splatter around it or lightly through it.
  • Add wooden beads to any wall art not just words
  • Cut some shapes out of cardstock to apply to wall art words or painted wall art and add a piece of small foam behind it to give it a 3D lift.
  • Paint the frame a different color.
  • Take old frames and some thick sticks and glue them inside the frame (no glass in this project) and spray paint them all the same color.
  • Make an advent pop-open wall calendar out of an old canvas picture.
  • Paint someone’s name on the picture in large beautiful letters
  • Use an old empty frame to weave a loved one’s old clothes (cut into strips first of course) and let the weave be the art.
  • Take out old unwanted canvas pictures from old frames. Repaint the frames and hang a gallery wall with no art in them just let the frames be it
  • Take glassed frame art and put beautiful paper over the old picture. Hand-pressed flowers on it then put the glass back on.
  • Paint over only part of the old art in a solid new color leaving only some geometric-shaped windows to see peaks of the old art.
  • Take wall art pictures you like out of frames you don’t and hang them on pretty clipboards on the wall in a neat row.
  • Frame vintage posters you have never hung.
  • Frame free maps from places that mean something to you.
  • Put stringed lights behind canvas modern or farmhouse-styled art.
  • Take a framed wall art and put a much larger empty frame around the already framed art for a pop.
  • Cut a piece of clothing from a special shirt you no longer wear and frame
  • Cut a large heart or teddy bear shape or any shape out of a departed loved one’s clothing and frame with their name and date painted at the bottom.
  • Frame event tickets of events you have been to.
  • Draw a picture of your child and take some of the hair you saved from a hair cut and glue it to the picture for the doll’s hair. This one is funny.
  • Get a shadow box frame and put your child’s old teddy bear in it once they no longer use it.
  • In the kitchen save colorful tea packets and frame them.

I hope this budget wall art hack and bonus ideas have inspired you to make your own semi-homemade wall art. I love that this method does not require coming up with wall art from scratch if you do not want to!

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