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A Year of DIY Wreaths


I had a goal for this past year to have a DIY wreath tutorial on my blog for every month of the year. I’m proud to say I’ve met that goal. Surpassed it, for quite a few of the months! lol

Consequently, I have stacks of wreaths in my garage! I love switching them out monthly (or sometimes twice a month, haha).

Wreaths are such a fun and simple way to decorate for the holidays and season. It’s an easy way to “be festive” for each holiday. Just get the wreath out of storage and hang it up! And since they hang outside, wreaths don’t have to match your style or decor inside. They can be whatever you’d like!

12 wreaths for each month of the year

12 Months, 12 DIY Wreaths

So there are seven major US holidays throughout the year (Valentines Day, St Patricks Day, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) which made it easy to come up with a theme for those seven months. For the remaining 5 months, I went with a seasonal wreath, or a wreath with flowers that typically bloom that month.

Below are my 12 favorite wreaths, you can click through to the tutorials for more info on each.

A Year of DIY Wreaths

I have a thing for wreaths, obviously! Here are my favorite DIY wreaths, one for every month of the year.

I’d love to help you make a wreath or two! I have even more wreath tutorials here on the blog. You can check out my entire wreath tutorial gallery here.

Or if you’ve got an idea, but just need some help on the how-to, check out my ultimate wreath making guide, where I cover all the basics on wreath forms, styles and supplies.

I’m happy to help, you can message me on IG (@thehowtomom) or email me at thehowtomom @

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